• The most powerful SGF(Smart Go File) viewer and editor on iPhone/iPad
    • Universal app for both iPhone and iPad. One copy to run on all your iOS devices.
    • Supporting most intuitive way of zooming and viewing variants.
    • Innovative book style view with page curling effect.
    • supporting markers of stones, numbers, with lots of customizations, etc.

  • Recognition of Go Game pictures
    • The first time that image recognition technology implemented in Go game area!

  • Seamlessly integration with the web
    • Support unlimited download of go games.
    • Supporting one touch of SGF link to import Go game
    • importing zipped SGF archives

  • Born social
    Tightly integrated with Facebook, twitter, Sina to post and share your comments for your favorite games.

  • PDF book creation.
    You could customize the creation of PDF books for your games so that you could share them everywhere.

  • Lots of other strong features, discover them in the app!
    • Search engine technology to enable you to find a game easily.
    • Game protection, fine-grained game thumbnail in tableview.
    • Jailbreak machines unfriendly. A great way to protect customer's right.
    • And more ...

  • Notes
    • How is that compared to other apps?

      There are already some posts doing somewhat comparison like Go4Go.net or LifeIn19x19.

      Generally Go Eye is more modern than other apps which may look good but a little old fashioned. Esthetically I think Go Eye is more beautiful in every detail (Though other apps are great too). This is reflected in the stone shadow, the board, the beautiful page curling effect for black/white PDF pages, the natural pinch gesture support, etc.

      There are no games preloaded in Go Eye, which embodies the deepest Chinese wisdom of "Empty". Empty yet rich. Nothing yet everything. Go Eye doesn't come with any game collection like those bragging about "we have 70k or 100k games", but it enables the access to "thousands of thousands of games". The seamless web integration enables user to use the in-app browser to touch an SGF link and download it instantly. The download supports zip/rar as well. And what is more, the integration with go4go's professional database makes it more convenient to access latest prof games. And we have batch export to other cloud drives in coming release. There are many many other modern features of Go Eye as it is designed with more alert in what the world is today. e.g., posting to the facebook/twitter, etc.

      And why call Go Eye? It has strong algorithm for image recognition (best algorithm in the world). The correct recognition rate for yeefan.sg is 98%!